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A couple months ago, a local photographer, named Kristen, reached out to me about creating a website for her photography business. She specializes in nonprofit and NGO photography in the DC area, which piqued my interest because I worked in the nonprofit sector for several years. Not only that, but one of my roles there was to hire photographers for our events. So I felt like I really understood what she was looking for, since I had been on the client end of her target audience.

Kristen is an organized, detail-oriented and talented photographer who does a great job of capturing real-life moments. Her work is thoughtful with a great story-telling aspect. I can’t wait to see the impactful work Kristen will do moving forward!

Here are the details from her branding and website design project.

Kristen mentioned she was pretty happy with the logo she recently redesigned for her business, so we agreed to keep it and build the rest of her brand around the existing logo. I offered a few alteration suggestions… (see below)


Logo Concepts Storybox Photography |


And she chose to stick with the version most similar to her original design. I simply made a couple letter-spacing tweaks, and color alterations.

Storybox Photography |


I used a lot of Kristen’s work as inspiration for the brand, as I wanted to stay focused on her storytelling. I combined her images with a few abstract images of texture and art to create her inspiration board and color palette.

She wanted to maintain her orange and gray color choices, so I simply added a couple complementary colors to develop the complete palette.

Inspiration Board

Storybox Photography | Brand Launch |

I created secondary logos and brand marks to complement her primary logo, and then put everything together in one file, known as a style guide.

Style Guide | Storybox Photography |

Social Media Branding

I wanted to make sure Kristen’s social media platforms were able to display her moving photography, while simultaneously conveying her brand’s color and design. So we stuck with a pretty minimalistic design, to keep the focus on her imagery.


Social Media Branding | Storybox Photography |
Social Media Branding | Storybox Photography |

And I created a template of graphics for Kristen to use on her blog, or across social media to promote her blog posts.


The Website

The website is my favorite piece from this project. There were several features I wanted to incorporate into her site design—a blog sidebar, blog excerpt images, and a linear navigation. I found a template that allowed for my big-ticket items, and I spent some time (learning) and coding the rest.

I was able to right-align her navigation, incorporate these photographic buttons with a fun hover effect (seen below), and create a rotating slideshow of her client testimonials—all through the use of custom code.

Design Features | Storybox Photography |

I’m really happy with how everything turned out, and I think Storybox Photography is now setup to completely wow prospective clients.

Here are some snapshots from her website.


Social Media Branding | Storybox Photography |
Social Media Branding | Storybox Photography |

If you’re in need of a storyteller photographer, you should consider using Storybox Photography for your next job. Be sure to check out their new live site here.


Kristen, thank you so much for trusting me with your website. I cannot wait to see the amazing work you'll do in the future!

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