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Brand + Website Launch | Storybox Photography

A couple months ago, a local photographer, named Kristen, reached out to me about creating a website for her photography business. She specializes in nonprofit and NGO photography in the DC area, which piqued my interest because I worked in the nonprofit sector for several years. Not only that, but one of my roles there was to hire photographers for our events. So I felt like I really understood what she was looking for, since I had been on the client end of her target audience.

Kristen is an organized, detail-oriented, talented photographer who does a great job of capturing real-life moments. Her work is thoughtful with a great story-telling aspect. I can’t wait to see the impactful work Kristen will do moving forward!

Here are the details from our her branding and website design project.

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Brand + Website Launch | Blankenship for Congress

This post is an exciting one for me. A couple months ago, one of my dear friends reached out about a project he was working on.

He had decided to run for office. Not just any office, but U.S. House Representative. Not only that, but he asked for my help with his campaign’s branding and website. I was honored. And so excited to play a small part in this amazing journey he’s on.

So without further adieu, here’s the brand and website we created for his campaign—Blankenship for Congress. 

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Brand + Website Launch | Donuts for Miles

I’m super excited to celebrate my latest client as she launches her new brand and website today! When Michelle first reached out to me about designing her blog, I thought, “What an interesting combination—running and eating donuts.” But the more I learned about her story, the more excited I became.

Michelle travels a lot for her job, and she’s also a runner. (In fact, she is currently training for a full marathon!) She discovered a while ago, as she was training for these races, that she had to take in a lot of calories in order to keep up with her training. So she started eating donuts (naturally).

While in New Orleans, she stumbled upon a donut shop listed on The 33 Best Donut Shops in America (by As she looked through the list, she realized the author hadn’t actually visited all 33 shops, and a lightbulb went off, ”I should try all these donut shops before I turn 30,” she thought.

That’s when Donuts for Miles was born. Michelle travels around the US discovering the country’s best donuts and running trails, and shares it with all of us through her blog. How cool is that?

I have never craved donuts more in my life than I have throughout the span of this project! It’s nearly impossible to spend weeks looking through images of delicious donuts and not want some for yourself. (I only indulged a couple times.)

Here are the details from this super fun (and delicious!) design project.

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New Brand Launch | Capitol Hill Clothiers

One of my past colleagues (and friend) sent me the name of a guy who was looking for branding for his custom clothing company. Oddly enough, I had been wanting to design branding for a fashion company, so I was super excited when this all came together.

After my first meeting with Robert, I could tell he knew his stuff. He was very knowledgeable about clothing and current fashion trends, but what really struck me was his desire to use his gifts to serve others.

Robert moved to DC from the midwest to work in politics, but has a background in the custom clothing industry. He wanted to help his peers dress for success and hopes to utilize his business as a way to help clothe the homeless population, or those who may not be able to afford a nice suit.

Robert’s style is original, neat, and intentional. I can’t wait to see the pieces he’ll create for his clients. Here are some of the details from the brand design process.


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Brand & Website Launch | Ginny Filer Photography

I had the pleasure of meeting Ginny last spring when she took photos of me and my husband. Ginny does beautiful work, so I was super excited when she contacted me about updating her brand and website. I couldn’t wait to help display her gorgeous art in a minimalistic, authentic way.

Her photos are full of life, emotion and details. (And from the amount of images I’ve seen, it seems as though she never puts her camera down!) It’s very clear how passionate Ginny is about photography and capturing life’s most important moments. It’s been a true joy to work with her over these past several weeks.

I’m super excited to celebrate Ginny Filer Photography today as she launches an all new brand and website! Here are some of the details from our design process.


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Brand + Website Launch | The Dusty Baker

One of my dear friends is a wonderful baker. She’s constantly blessing others with her delicious baked treats and everyone raves about them. For the past couple years, I—and several others—have been telling her she needs to open a bakery and sell her goodies.

This friend is also a huge baseball fan (all the more reason why we’re friends). She particularly loves the Washington Nationals and their head coach—Dusty Baker.

So when she mentioned her dream bakery would be called “The Dusty Baker” and would be located right in our neighborhood, I thought it was genius. I knew I had to create a branding package for her.

No, this isn’t an actual building or an actual bakery (yet!), but it sure was fun to create the brand + website for when she does decide to make it happen!


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Branding Client Update | Wunderhaus Interiors

I recently made several edits to this brand and I wanted to share it with you guys. I created a full brand style guide as well as collateral items and social media branding. 

During two of my summer breaks in college, I worked for a woman and her husband who ran their own directional drilling company out of Oklahoma. At that time, I was planning to get my degree in Interior Design, and this woman—Beth Ketchum—had worked as an interior designer for years, so we hit it off right away.

Beth and I stayed in touch after I returned to school (and ultimately decided to forgo the interior design route). A few months ago she messaged me about creating a logo for the new design + consulting company she was starting, Wunderhaus Interiors Design + Consult. 

I was so thrilled to work with Beth again on such a fun project! She is super talented and I can’t wait to see all the beautiful homes she will create.

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