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Brand + Website Launch | Storybox Photography

A couple months ago, a local photographer, named Kristen, reached out to me about creating a website for her photography business. She specializes in nonprofit and NGO photography in the DC area, which piqued my interest because I worked in the nonprofit sector for several years. Not only that, but one of my roles there was to hire photographers for our events. So I felt like I really understood what she was looking for, since I had been on the client end of her target audience.

Kristen is an organized, detail-oriented, talented photographer who does a great job of capturing real-life moments. Her work is thoughtful with a great story-telling aspect. I can’t wait to see the impactful work Kristen will do moving forward!

Here are the details from our her branding and website design project.

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Brand + Website Launch | Blankenship for Congress

This post is an exciting one for me. A couple months ago, one of my dear friends reached out about a project he was working on.

He had decided to run for office. Not just any office, but U.S. House Representative. Not only that, but he asked for my help with his campaign’s branding and website. I was honored. And so excited to play a small part in this amazing journey he’s on.

So without further adieu, here’s the brand and website we created for his campaign—Blankenship for Congress. 

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