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I recently made several edits to this brand and I wanted to share it with you guys. I created a full brand style guide as well as collateral items and social media branding. 

During two of my summer breaks in college, I worked for a woman and her husband who ran their own directional drilling company out of Oklahoma. At that time, I was planning to get my degree in Interior Design, and this woman—Beth Ketchum—had worked as an interior designer for years, so we hit it off right away.

Beth and I stayed in touch after I returned to school (and ultimately decided to forgo the interior design route). A few months ago she messaged me about creating a logo for the new design + consulting company she was starting, Wunderhaus Interiors Design + Consult. 

I was so thrilled to work with Beth again on such a fun project! She is super talented and I can’t wait to see all the beautiful homes she will create.


Wunderhaus Interiors branding design | #casilongdesign #fearlesspursuit

At the beginning of this project, I asked Beth to complete my branding questionnaire and she used these words to describe her company: Fresh, modern, clean, serene, relaxed and organized. 

Beth also knew she wanted to keep it simple using colors like white, cream, gray and charcoal. I LOVE a light, airy design so I was so excited to read her answers on my questionnaire. Based on her feedback, here’s a look at the inspiration board I put together for her project:


I had so many ideas, but I remember when I sat down to sketch I didn’t really love anything I came up with. As I’ve mentioned before, I struggle with my sketches because I never think they are quite good enough. But it’s such an important step in the creative process, so I force myself do it anyways. And in the spirit of being fully transparent, here’s a look at my sketches.



Once I had a few solid ideas, I hopped into Illustrator to flesh them out. I always start the process in black and white to make sure the design and typography are a quality design, regardless of color. Once I narrowed it down to the final few logos, I established a color palette and applied different colors to my favorite options.



Beth chose the middle option and I was so excited! If I’m being completely honest, this option was my favorite. After a few minor adjustments we had ourselves a finished logo! 

*Updated post

At the time of this project, Beth was only in need of a logo for her business. Since the completion of her project, I decided to build the rest of her brand and create an entire brand + collateral package.

Next I created alternate logos, sub marks, a color palette, patterns, and selected fonts. I put all the pieces together in a style guide. A style guide helps the client to see all the pieces of their project work together, and provides a reference page for future use.

Branding design for Wunderhaus Interiors | #casilongdesign #fearlesspursuit #branding #branddesign


Once I completed the style guide, I moved on to create social media branding and collateral items. I put together banner images for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well as profile images and app icons. I created an email signature, business cards, stationery, thank you cards, and a marketing mail piece. 


Wunderhaus Interiors branding + collateral design | #casilongdesign #fearlesspursuit #branding

To check out Beth's work and to follow along with her company Wunderhaus Interiors, check out her Facebook page here. You won't be disappointed!

What did you like most about Beth's new logo + brand?

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