12 Fabulous Free Fonts

One easy way to spruce up a flyer, invitation, or handout is to download a new font and sub it in for one of the typical defaults. It is a simple way to add a level of originality and sophistication. 

So here are 12 fabulous free fonts!

12 Fabulous Free Fonts | casilong.com/blog | #casilongdesign #fearlesspursuit

Always be careful to not use more than two or three fonts in one document.

I generally try to stick with two, and use weight variations of those fonts.
For example, Raleway has several varying weights—light, regular, italic, bold—so I can use different weights to call out different parts of a document, without incorporating 4 unique fonts. This helps maintain consistency.

Use scripts sparingly. 

I like to think of using a script font similar to bolding a word. It insinuates something special, an attention grabber. Scripts are typically harder to read, so try and use it only where necessary—as an accent.

*Fun Fact: There are several words designers often use when referring to fonts.
Typography. Type. Typeface. 

When you see any of these words, know they are referring to fonts.

12 Fabulous Free Fonts | casilong.com/blog | #casilongdesign #fearlesspursuit

To download the above fonts, click the links below.

Sans-Serif (without wings) Raleway | Bebas Neue | Nexa | Oswald

Serif (with wings) Geared | Caslon | Libre Baskerville | Abraham Lincoln

Script Marketing Script Mission Script Lobster | Magnolia Sky