Project Details:

The Riverfront Ruckus Riot is far from the typical project. This was more of a fun, passion project between me and several of my friends. The short story is:

Jordan and I own a Honda Ruckus—which is a moped that goes about 35mph. We ride it around DC with our two other sets of friends who also own a Ruckus. We felt so cool and hip when we started to scoot around the city, that we thought we needed an official club. So Riverfront Riot was born.

A friend of mine, Allen Clack, is an amazing illustrator, so we roped him into helping us. He is 100% behind this incredible fish illustration. After he passed the fish along to me, I put it all together in the form of a logo. The rocker design you see below (2nd set of images) will be put on the back of jean jackets. The other logo will likely be made into stickers and printed on T-shirts, hats, etc.

If you live in DC and see 3 Honda scooters scootin’ around the city, be sure and wave!



Branding & Web Design

Services Included:

Logo Design
Illustration (by Allen Clack)