Project Details:

Programs used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, 
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

This invitation was for a corporate networking event hosted by The Heritage Foundation. It was really important to our client that this invitation tell a story and be more than just another event invitation. I presented the idea of a roll-fold, with the intent of emulating a movie trailer. The content had a really powerful final statement, but I wanted to make sure the reader was able to follow the story without being overwhelmed by a long-winded paragraph.

Before I came up with design concepts, I had our client fill out a word map. The map was a list of 140 adjectives and they were asked to circle five words that best described their event. I found this to be a really productive and successful exercise. The five words they landed on were collaborative, dynamic, innovative, inspiring, and stimulating.

I was then able to keep those five words in mind throughout the design process to ensure the final product met their expectations.

Printing Details
The invitation was printed on 11.4 Invercote Creato C2S Silk Cover, a paper known for it's ability to avoid cracking when folded. I did a flood dull coating to create a matte finish, and a spot gloss varnish on the cover—logo and text—and the large block text on the inside spread.

I used a clear carrier with a mail label affixed to the exterior.

Component pieces
VIP postcards with a belly band, VIP sticker on outside of carrier.



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