Project Details:

One of my dear friends is a wonderful baker. For the past couple years, I—and several others—have been telling her she needs to open a bakery and sell her goodies. This friend is also a huge baseball fan. She particularly loves the Washington Nationals and their (now Ex) head coach—Dusty Baker.

So when she mentioned her dream bakery would be called “The Dusty Baker” and would be located right in our neighborhood, I thought it was genius. I knew I had to create a branding package for her.

No, this isn’t an actual business, bakery, or website, but it sure was fun to create the brand + website design just in case she ever decides to make it happen!

The words I chose to describe her company were: Bright, Joyful, welcoming, homey, and vintage.

I knew I wanted to incorporate flour and a “dusty” feel, while maintaining the nostalgia associated with the game of baseball. I wanted to incorporate the color red, to tie into the National’s team colors, while keeping the crisp whites and creams of a bright, joyful atmosphere.

Here’s a look at the details of her project.




Brand & Web Design

Services Included:

Full Brand Design
Collateral Design
Website Design

This was a fictitious project, so there isn’t a live site associated.